Sunday, May 4, 2008


I've been a little busy lately, with my cake decorating classes (I'm so tired of making sugarpaste --fondant-- roses!! Will post pics later), and running all sorts of errands.

But last week I was able to go to the movies. It was an excellent movie, made me laugh and almost cry, made me think, made me change the way I see my own life.

Here is a small sample of the movie, based on a graphic novel. I saw the English-dubbed version, and I thought it was very good. Probably ask a Francophone and he or she will tell me it was the opposite. Oh well, I had no choice and I still enjoyed the movie a lot. Now I want to get the books!!!

Trailer is also available in Spanish, Italian, French and Deustch, just look up "Persepolis" in U toob.

I'm so tired, but I will try to update ASAP.

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mÖnster! said...

Hola, soy to terrible amigo que apenas está entendiendo esto, chale a mis 31 me siento como... perdón a mis 24 (si no te enojas) como se usan estas cosas, recibiste mi postal?

te quiere