Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Christmas wishlist....fulfilled

I think I hadn't been this excited about my Xmas gifts since I believed in Santa Claus... Case in point, I have absolutely no complaints. My new additions are:

A lovely silicone rolling pin, which lets you roll out dough without it sticking to the pin. The cool thing is, you have minimal need of flour to prevent sticking, thus your pastry turns out very tender. I just wish I had gotten it before Xmas so I could've used it for my cookies. Oh well. I'm still happy I got it! If you'd like to get one, you can go here (yes, it's one of my favorite stores in the world) or here.

I've been dying to get a Kitchen Aid Hand Mixer...since I don't know how long. And thankfully, my wish has come true. The cool thing is, it's digital...it also has a super slow speed so you don't make a mess with the initial beating, it also has enough power to mix a very thick batter, such as cookie dough! And also, a set of red color-matching melamine mixing bowls, courtesy of Williams-Sonoma. And what can I say, I simply love Kitchen Aid products Some women go crazy about clothes, shoes, handbags. I go crazy about kitchen tools, gadgets, appliances... Have you noticed?

I also got a mini food chopper , which I like for chopping nuts, or hard candy so it doesn't all go flying across the chopping board and counter. The food processor chops too much, so this is pretty good. Also good for an arm workout from all that pushing down.

A pajama set, with T-shirt, pants and shorts, with cute penguins. Very comfy and cozy.

The complete series of My So-Called Life in a DVD box set. I can finally throw away the VHS tapes I recorded... The show takes me back to junior high school, plaid shirts, lumberjack or combat boots, rock concert T-shirts, etc. Teenage angst is deliciously painful-sweet-funny-sad, especially in the nineties.

And to top it all off, I was given a Panini Press from a friend who received one for Xmas, and she gave me the "old" one. Granted, the "old" one is only 1 year old and has been used very few times.

A dear dear friend also sent me a very sexy and very cool blue top, which I hope I can use in a few months, once I lose the holiday weight.

Before I finish this show-off list, I also have to thank J for her gift. Initially, it was a Birthday gift, but it ended up arriving in December instead. I now also have a snowman cake and snowman muffin silicone pan set, a huge Baking handbook binder with all sorts of neat things, and the DVD of one of my favorite movies.

Jess, me hiciste la Navidad antes de que fuera Navidad. THANKS!!

I hope all of you also got what you wanted for Christmas...

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Cenk said...

Good for you. I loved that rolling pin! I also wanted to thank you for all your sincere comments on my blog. I wish you the best in 2008. Cheers