Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Bueno, after sleeping in late (at last), I feel refreshed now. New Year's Eve celebration was quite dull. I've never been a fan of that party. But oh well. I played along with the grapes (which I could not finish eating because I was so full from dinner), the hats, the noisemakers and the hippocritical kiss and hug, mostly with people I'm not really close to. But anyways.

I haven't uploaded the cookie pictures yet. I'm waiting for my computer memory to arrive. I do love this about this country... You can buy ANYTHING by mail, and it actually arrives!! Mexican postal service is so unbelievably BAD. Yesterday I was told by a friend, that he JUST RECEIVED a postcard I sent back in NOVEMBER. Hello?!?!?! The Xmas card I sent him will be arriving by Easter!

Anyways, after my rant about the Crappy postal service over there.., I was trying to convey that I'm awaiting for computer memory for my dear old iBook. I also got an upgrade to the operating system so I can actually use the iPod I got as a gift.

Speaking of which, I must show off my Christmas gifts. I must've been so very good this year...

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